Andreas Tschannen has presented his paintings in China at the Art Fair CIGE 2009 in Beijing!

April 16-19 2009


CIGE Beijing - China International Gallery Exposition
Exhibition Hall Of The China World Trade Center
1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Beijing - China





"swissmade" /40 x 63 in. (100x160cm) / oil on canvas
Andreas Tschannen


Andreas Tschannen, known for his artistic perfection, has truly created a masterpiece with this picture, which casts its spell over the spectator.

  Andreas Tschannen was represented by the gallery artodrome Berlin - Germany  

  Interview with CCTV  
  Pictures by Wang Guangyi, Zhang Xiaogang and Andreas Tschannen in the background  




Supported by the Ministry of Culture of The People¡¯s Republic of China, the 6th Edition of the China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE 2009) will take place at the China World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall in Beijing in April 2009.

Entering the 21st century, and driven by a process of grand reform and internationalization, China has made remarkable achievements in its economic growth in the short period of 2 decades and emerged as a global force. China is increasing its economic and cultural exchanges with all the countries of the world, expecting to witness a period of rapid industrialization over the next 15 years.

Host city for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing is the cultural and economic centre of China. Especially in recent years, the art market in the Chinese capital has expanded rapidly with growing interest from abroad and more importantly, with strong growth in the domestic market. New art centers and communities have been growing everywhere in the city, bringing vitality and creativity to areas that used to be peripheral and now house a unique concentration of representative galleries from China as well as USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Italy, Korea¡­

In 2004, the China International Gallery Exposition was launched in Beijing, on the purpose of "Internationalism, Professionalism and Futurism", exhibiting galleries and art dealers. After 5 years, CIGE is considered the most established international art fair in Asia.

Presenting artworks from the 5 continents and over 22 countries, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Mexico ¡­ CIGE 2008 has been the most internationally diverse contemporary art fair to date in Asia.

Under the strong impulse of the Chinese market and other rising markets in Asia and around the world, CIGE 2009 is a unique global arena for the modern and contemporary art markets.

CIGE 2009 Gallery Exhibition the 1st floor Area A & B of the 13,000m² China World Trade Center Exhibition Hall will host around 80 selected outstanding galleries from all over the world, presenting a panorama of modern and contemporary art. CIGE 2009 welcomes and encourages any form of art expression, including photography, video, painting, sculptures, mixed media, installations, etc.

Understanding the relevance of technology and globalization on the economic infrastructure of the art world, CIGE 2009 SPECIAL PROJECTS invite galleries, artists, not-for-profit art organizations, museums, institutions, private collection, and visitors to reflect on our contemporary visual culture.

1) CIGE 2009 Special Project MAPPING ASIA - Young Asian Artist Solo Shows : from Tokyo to Istanbul
The whole 2nd floor (Area D) of the China World Trade Center Exhibition Hall will exclusively host a number of solo shows of young and emerging artists from Asia. The projects are realized in collaboration with art galleries. During CIGE 2009 Preview exhibited projects will be evaluated by an international Art Expert Committee, which will act as Jury choosing and announcing the 3 most interesting ones in occasion of CIGE 2009 Opening Preview.

2) CIGE 2009 Special Project INTERNATIONAL SOLO SHOWS on the first floor Area C of the China World Trade Center Exhibition Hall features 12 international artist solo exhibitions realized in collaboration with art galleries. Dramatically focusing on the relevance of art praxis, process, and production, CIGE offers residencies to 12 international artists. Artists in residency are highly encouraged to enjoy their time and experiences in Beijing and work towards the realization of site-specific projects. CIGE provides each artist with 10 days accommodation and basic living support as well as an interpreter/assistant. The projects are realized in collaboration with art galleries.

3) CIGE 2009 Special Project SUBLIMINALS As a gathering place at the entrance of the China World Trade Center, an active promoter of contemporary cultural models, events and developments in art, presents 9 not-for-sale projects realized by not-for-profit art organizations: realities that usually do not participate directly to art fairs, but definitely have a determinant relevance in the economy of the whole contemporary art system.

4) CIGE 2009 Special Project VIDEO LOOPS present video, film and documentary screening programs by young as well as established artists, art initiatives and organizations.

To enhance cross-cultural dynamics and artistic dialogues, CIGE 2009 Organizing Committee announces the creation of 2 Art Committees:

A) CIGE Advisory Committee consists of a group of internationally recognized gallery directors who advise the Fair on gallery selection and programming. Members to be announced shortly.

B) Art Expert Committee consists of 6 international museum curators and directors. The Committee shall act as jury, evaluating and selecting 3 of the most interesting projects from MAPPING ASIA participating artists. Members to be announced shortly.

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